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The articles below are on Jody's signature keynote topic, The Joy of Work; her monthly column on the same subject appears in over 40 trade journals. Inspirational Poems and Inspirational Quotes are copyright protected.

Publishers- You are welcome to publish the articles below providing that you please include the motivational speaker tag line information at the end of the articles.

All articles copyright protected: Jody Urquhart, motivational speaker. Thank you.

Inspirational Poems were written for Jody Urquhart by Patricia Grainger

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Inspirational Speaker Poems:

Fed Up? Lighten Up!

The Upside of Down? You Can Always Laugh...

Let It Go!

Other Articles:

The Upside of Down.
When Things Go Wrong, It's All Right

How to Manage Stress
Within Your Sphere of Influence..

Don't Rain on my Parade.
How to Deal with Negative People

Top 10 Morale Boosters

Creating a Trusting Work Environment

A Test- How Does Your Leadership Strategy Program Measure Up?

Sharing Information - An Essential Leadership Quality

Caught in the Act.
How to Acknowledge People Without Turning Them Off.

The Significance of the Unexpected

This Company is Causing Me to Burnout

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