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Why your Creativity Sucks

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Tue, Jan 20, 2015 @ 03:10 PM

motivational speakerWe are all born creative. Everything is an option and all possibilities are accepted when you are young. As we age our creativity dwindles.

Carl Jung said if you are not exercising your ability to be creative you are being neurotic.

I was a humorous motivational speaker for the HRPA conference where I heard Motivational Speaker, Dr Ginger Grant speak. Dr Grant suggested that at 5 years old, we would all say we are creative, yet now we are not so much. Our ability to be creative is crushed by our education and our job.

I think this is true. The last job I had sucked every ounce of creativity out of me.

If I offered input, it was ignored.

If I challenged the status quo, I was told to comply

If I tried to improve how I did my work or the work environment, I was regarded as disruptive.

It was just easier to do as I was told. However, I fully knew that I wasn't performing to my best. If I could be creative and have more control and flexibility on how I did my job, I knew my productivity and results would excel.

Instead our work environment and leadership focused on evaluating employees.

Given a list of performance improvement, most people are not motivated. Instead, when  told, "here is what I think you excel at and here are some opportunities to improve", most people would respond better.

Focus on what people are doing right and performance and creativity can soar. However most organizations focus more on what people do wrong. Stifling creativity.

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