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Why We Laugh

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Tue, May 05, 2015 @ 04:37 PM

funny motivational speakerHave you ever laughed so hard you could hardly control yourself? The laughter literally takes you over and makes you more giddy, lighthearted and playful.

Laughing is an unusual thing. It is primitive and sometimes uncontrollable. It's also personalized. Some peoples' laughs are uningratiating and annoying while others is infectious and contagious.

The rib cage is engaged when you laugh. Everytime you breathe and talk you bring air in and out of the lungs. When we laugh we drastically speed up both the inhale and release of air from the lungs.

Silliness and Why it's good for you

Everybody laughs: Humans, primates, monkeys, even lawyers laugh.

You are 30% more likely to laugh with others then when you are alone. We laugh for two reasons: to show others we understand them, agree with them and like them. The second is to drastically reduce tension and stress in our bodies.

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