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When your Body Wears Out- Where will you live?

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Mon, Jan 26, 2015 @ 12:18 PM

wellness guest speakerWellness Guest Speaker, Jody Urquhart

Stress may be wearing your body out

Most people don't have a good handle on their wellness and stress levels. They focus on the unpleasant, and usually unexpected, things that happen every day. That's not just stress, it's life.

When I do an interactive stress management seminar, at a convention, I find most people attribute stress to outside sources but it’s actually the way we look at situations that produce stressful reactions. When people distort their perception, this causes a stressful response. Many people don't even associate their stress levels to their overall wellness.

Common ways we look at a situation and distort our perception which produces a stressful reaction: 

-Negative Thinking and Self Talk- When every change, scenario or suggestion is skewed to be perceived as negative. (Example- My life would be fine if it weren’t for other people, or this just sucks)

-Over generalizing. When small negative things influence the way we perceive other situations. (Example-I don’t have one, nobody actually reads this newsletter anyways do they?) 

-Overanalyzing. When you focus on small negative details you lose site of the bigger picture reality. (Example- My manager said I did a good job on that report but I don’t believe him, he’s just trying to be nice or he wants me to work overtime)

-Self Blame. When you continually feel you are not good enough (Example- Why did I say that? Only a moron would say something like that!) If you are too busy worrying about how to react you miss the Spontaneous joy of the moment.

-Rigid Exaggeration. When you only think in extremes ( black/ white, yes/ no, always/ never). Example- He never notices the work that I do (even though he often does Or I’m with Stupid 

‘‘The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a Heaven of Hell, a Hell of Heaven.’’ ( John Milton)

How does chronic stress (caused by the above perceptions) negatively affect your health? It can do so in four ways:

  1. It causes long-term wear and tear on your body, reducing its resistance to disease

  2. It can directly contribute to illness, from headaches to heart attacks

  3. It can aggravate existing illnesses

  4. It can lead to unhealthy habits, such as smoking, drinking, overeating, and not getting enough sleep.

The hormones released during stress literally wear down your body.

 A couple Stress management techniques

1) ‘‘Ignorance is bliss.’’

One of my favorite stress management techniques.

 A key source of stress is feeling out of control. However, it’s not about how much control you actually have but how much you think you have. Here ignorance IS Bliss, if you believe you have control over a stressful situation even if you don’t, your right. For example if you were forced to work a bad shift but you did not know it was a bad thing, it might not matter to you one way or the other and you would experience no added stress.

Another example, if all of your colleagues dreaded a visit from corporate office but you didn’t know what that visit meant you might be excited about the visit instead of dreading it.  

2) Think Positive

Catch yourself in any one of the above thought/behavior patterns and THINK POSITIVE. The moment you choose positive thought you instantly release stress in your body and it balances all of the above thought patterns that distort our perception and cause stress.

Positive thinking is a choice; your brain is wired to think predominantly positive or negative. When you make a conscious effort to think positively you alter your neural pathways and your thinking patterns change (in a positive way).

3) Laugh at it

Humor instantly halts your bodies stress response. Humor also helps you reframe a situation to see it as less threatening. When all goes wrong and you have no control anyways, go ahead and laugh, add years to your life- your body will thank you.

 You can add up to 20 years to your life by choosing to gain control over your stress response. ( Stress Management Institute, 2001)

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