When to Let Someone Fail

funny motivational speakers failNobody likes to see the people we care about fail. To avoid this, well-meaning parents, friends, and managers step in and rescue them. 

One of the most powerful ways to learn is from our mistakes. When we jump in, we may rob people of the right learning lesson and stifle their growth. If someone doesn't learn to deal with adversity, they will lack initiative and problem-solving ability. 

So how do we know when to let people fail? Consider this:

-The teachability of the individual you are trying to help. If someone is about to fail miserably, and you know they won't be able to pick up on the looming disaster, assist them. Avoid catastrophe and save the lesson for later. 

If someone is truly not open to learning, you may also be wasting your time. Move on to someone who is open minded and thirsty to learn; the rewards will be greater. 

From the Funny Motivational Speaker Blog: 4 Tips to Lead Employees Older than You

Sometimes people need life lessons to beat them down before they learn to listen. 

-Your motives in helping them. Sometimes our agenda may cloud our judgment. Just because we think it's the right thing to do, doesn't mean it is. Everyone has the right to make their decisions. 

Its hard but necessary, step back and let others learn from their mistakes. 

To transition to be a funny motivational speaker, I had to stand up comedy. Comedy ( and regular bombing) allows you the opportunity to fail a lot. Eventually, you see it's not personal, you just have to perfect your performance.

Fail faster and get on with it is my personal motto!

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