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What Kind of Leader are You?

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Thu, Aug 27, 2015 @ 12:15 PM


I recently saw a motivational speaker share a great analogy about birds to help determine our leadership style and what kind of leader we want to be.

What kind leader are you? Consider the following birds and their leadership patterns to determine  your own style.

The Vulcher.  This bird preys on bad or negative things. Vulchers circle around conflict and wait for negative things to happen. They prey on negative outcomes and when bad things do unfold they blow them up and make them worse.

The Chicken. This bird is scared to take life to next level, chickens shy away from life and primarily act out of fear. Growth is stifled by unbridled fear of the future. They tend to be conservative and avoid change.

The Turkey. Most turkeys get stuffed and eaten. Turkeys talk a good game but don't back it up with action or results. These leaders spout out ideas but are never available or willing to get behind them. Eventually other team members lose faith.

The Parrot. This bird mimics what others say instead of following their own path. Given we are all special, unique and brilliant-don't  be a cheap copy of others.

The Eagle. By far the best leadership style, eagles have an uncommon purpose and direction and are not swayed by other birds mirgratory patterns. In the real world, eagles don't hang out with others who bring them down. Eagles are the kind of leader who flies above day to day trivialities and leads from a higher viewpoint.
Eagles value altitude and they stay in the sky, they set their own course and inspire and lead others.

Given these bird analogies, which leader do you think you are?
The motivational speaker compelled the audience to lead their team like an eagle, from a higher level vantage point.

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