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Turn Chaos to Calm when you Inherit a Rowdy Group

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Thu, Aug 06, 2015 @ 04:13 PM

motivational guest speakerI was recently a motivational speaker for a school, where I had the pleasure of hearing the school principle give a motivational speech.

She told the story how on her first crack at being a teacher, she stepped into a classroom full of rowdy students. Throughout the speech, she outlined some great ideas to turn chaos to calm when you Inherit a rowdy group.

To Calm a Rowdy Group:

First ask- What part of the chaos can you tame? Is it just certain people stirring the pot? If so, isolate their damage.

Create routines that provide structure. The new teacher started the day with a success word ( like kindness or perseverance) that others were to emulate. Next, the class sang a song and said a prayer.

Starting the day in a positive structured way sets people up for success instead of letting chaos take hold early on.

Set up a situation that brings out the good in people:

  • Create positive structure and routine
  • Limit distractions that set people on the course to discontentment
  • Set goals and follow up
  • Praise good behaviour

Build positive habits. A culture of kindness and respect did a lot to tame negativity and chaos in the classroom. Students were encouraged to practice good habits like saying please, thank you and helping others.

The education speaker gave a funny, relevant motivational speech the audience really appreciated her history and experience.
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