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Transform your Staff Engagement Program

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Mon, Feb 13, 2017 @ 01:26 PM

Have you created staff engagement programs that show little or no improvement? Employee engagement is key to productivity, customer service, morale and so much more. It is the area where so many company cultures fall through.
Leadership Motivational Speaker, Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, believes that successful programs are not about the program, but about the people.
Everyone has experienced a sour, negative, unhelpful employee in contrast with a positive, helpful, engaged one. Both could work at the same company for the same pay in the same job, how can their attitude be so different? Because it's not about the job, the employee engagement program or the salary- it's about the people. Until employees take accountability for their happiness and productivity, they will not move forward.
Dr. Goldsmith argues the mistake leaders make asking employees, what can we do to for you? Instead of, what can you do for our company? 
The leadership motivational speaker suggest asking daily questions that force you to take ownership of your productivity and happiness.
4 of those questions are:
On a  Scale of 1 -10, Did you do your best to:
Be Happy?
Have a Meaningful day?
Set Clear Goals?
Achieve those Goals?
If we ask these questions every day, we will tap into our sense of empowerment and engagement.
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