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the upbeat or beaten up workplace?

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Mon, Jan 18, 2016 @ 01:56 PM

 energetic speakerSome people have had the experience of belonging to a high energy team that has endless vitality and thrives on teamwork. Here, work is meaningful, purposeful and fun. Time flies by.

Alternately, many people have experienced the work environment that seems to suck the energy from you and leaves you feeling exhausted by the end of the day. Time moves slowly and painfully forward.

Three things determine an upbeat versus beaten up workplace...

  1. The work itself
  2. The people you work with
  3. The leadership and culture

The work itself

Many people toil in a role where they can't succeed or just don't want to. The work doesn't match their skills or it proves to be unchallenging and unfulfilling. Changing roles, adding challenge or creating a career plan to boost confidence will add energy and motivation. Most work has some meaning to it, you just have to search for and celebrate it.

The people you work with

If people are not upbeat and having fun, it will become increasingly impossible to truly help and support others. Everyone needs to make an effort to maintain an upbeat attitude.

Harness the power of positive people at work and their enthusiasm will be contagious.

It actually takes more effort to be in a bad mood then a good one, just like it takes more muscles to frown then to smile.

Also, a sense of positive, cooperative interdependence among others creates a strong team spirit. Mutual accountability is powerful when you feel like others count on you and your actions matter.

Let employees set the tone with a positive attitude and encourage it. Keeping a vibrant morale should be an expectation of the entire team.

The leadership and culture

Leaders help define and create culture by developing a sense of urgency around passionate, joyful work. Leaders find the fun, passionate attitude of the job and obsess about it.

When people feel beaten down by the bureaucracy and repetition in their jobs, soothe them with the unexpected nature of fun mixed in with the work. In other words, create a culture where fun matters. A few people can create this culture, they just need the permission to do so.

Fun work makes you want to do the work

I was a motivational speaker for a credit card company where they had the philosophy of greeting customers as if you want to let them in on an inside joke. It helped them create some mystery in the work that engaged customers.




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