The Only Type of Leader You Want to Hire

funny motivational speaker pastorIn his engaging podcast, motivational business speaker and pastor, Craig Groeschel, asks the question of leaders, Does the manager lead to himself, or does he lead to the organization?

Some people will direct others towards their benefit or self-interest, and not the organization. The difference between personal ambition and organizational drive is the difference between a weak leader and a good one. 

The funny motivational speaker suggests that the lesson is to avoid people with strong personal agendas for individuals who have a drive to better the organization. 

How do you spot those with high personal ambition ( so you can avoid hiring them)?

Are they self-absorbed, and always talking about their success? Do they ever attribute success to others?

Do they talk about themselves a lot? Do they use the words I and me ( self-focused) or we and us ( team focused)?

Self absorbed people can be very driven, but it's for personal gain. It's their personal ambition that moves them; they will often attribute success to their efforts and not the group. 

As a result, they may dampen team pride, protect their turf, promote people who worship them and drag down morale. 


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