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The Elements of Integrity

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Wed, Jul 22, 2015 @ 11:02 AM

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Integrity in the French and Latin meanings is to be intact, to integrate. The concept is that the person as a whole is working well, undivided, and intact.

People are in integrity when we are operating at our best, as a whole. There's where the challenge lies...when did you last know you were at absolutely at your full and best?

The most well meaning professional may cut corners when pushed to the limit, tired, and overworked. Suddenly they lack integrity.

Nobody wants to act agains their own integrity yet, what circumstances would cause you to be less intact?
Everyone has had a situation where they walked away and wondered, would that have gone better if I dealt with it differently?

Imagine you put everything into a project and the results come out poorly. Some people would be defeated and give up, while others would become energized and see this as an even greater challenge.

Others would withdraw, become moody, feel like a loser, be aggressive or more.

Aspects of your character allow you to succeed or fail and when pushed to far, integrity breaks down.

Either way your character allows you to either meet those needs or be defeated.
Character allows you to deliver what reality asks you to do.

I was hired as a motivational speaker for the Institute of Municipal Assessors to speak about Integrity. I found the research very interesting and not at all consistent.

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