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The Digital Diet

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Tue, May 09, 2017 @ 04:02 PM

deep-work-cal-newport.jpgDo you need a diet from your digital devices?

Dr. Cal Newport, author of the book, Deep Work, says we need to spend concentrated time on the kind of tasks that require intense focus for longer periods of time.

Deep work is cognitively demanding, and a novice cannot easily replicate it. It's an activity that unleashes creativity and generates unique results. 

Because of our distracted nature and addiction to technology, most people skirt away from deep work and let our attention veer in all different directions. Often, we end up focusing on the less important, easier to deal with distractions.

Skillfully managing your attention will be an essential skill in the future. People who deliberately push their attention (when and where they need it), are becoming distinct. 

Distraction means we never really get absorbed in our work and instead just lightly graze the surface, only uncovering superficial results. 

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In the knowledge economy, we need to protect ourselves from distraction. When we are not working, many people are wasting their attention on social media or other technology to fill the time and perpetuating the distraction cycle.

Distracting digital media should be limited much like a diet. The reason we always engage in digital media is we fear missing out. Also, many responses ( i.e-a like on Facebook) can create a dopamine rush that can be slightly addicting.

Eric Barker of the popular blog, Barking up the Wrong Tree, suggests that we completely abandon our digital devices for a week. After we have detached from the addiction cycle, we can slowly introduce small doses of technology.


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