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I am a motivational speaker for the Texas School Nutrition Conference. This event, held in the Americas Hilton Houston will host over 1,100 school nutrition professionals from across Texas.
The TASN conference is jam-packed with interesting and relevant content like customer service, stress management, mastering professional standards, the Future of School Nutrition, generational gaps, financial management and a whole lot more.
School nutrition professionals work very hard. They work as a team preparing hundreds of meals twice a day. The work is high pressure and it includes a lot of heavy lifting. The meals these lunch ladies create could be the only nutritional meal a student has all day. Every day they touch the lives of hundreds of students. Healthy eating is critical to a good education. 
I have served as a funny motivational speaker for over 14 school nutrition conferences in the past. This audience loves to laugh and welcomes stress relief. We will talk about working under pressure as a team, how to stay engaged and increase the joy of the job and how to have fun while you prepare great food with your friends!
It is very exciting to have this many school nutrition professionals come together in one room. They are an engaged group and they crave learning and personal development.
The closing funny motivational speaker for the TASN conference is Dr. Adolph Brown who will tell his story how he overcame upbringings of extreme poverty to become a popular media personality.
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