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Technology's Grip on You

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Wed, Jun 24, 2015 @ 06:31 PM

motivational keynote speaker technologyThrough technology we are getting used to extraordinary amounts of stimulation.

Every time you open an email or surf facebook, your cortisol levels increase, blood pressure rises and your heart rate goes up. It also trains you to disengage from the real world.

As a motivational speaker I see how deeply technology impacts attention spans. It is harder and harder to get people to pay attention.

Some would also argue we are giving up our independence and control over ourselves, our children and relationships.

After all, it's not hard for flashy, competitive video game to get a teenagers attention. However,  it is getting exceedingly difficult for a science teacher to get a teenager to give up his apathy, pay attention and care about science.

The result: the teenager learns to be competitive, and he needs lots of stimulation, fancy graphics and loud explosions to stay involved. His attention span is dwindling.

Instead of learning and developing curiosity for science and how things organically work, he is stuck in the false world of a video game.

Instead of being in the world, he escapes.

 Overstimulation numbs our senses and decreases our passion for the simple things in life. Is it possible that Simple gestures like acts of kindness could go unnoticed because we are overstimulated and distracted?

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