Take Control of your Life in the Midst of Uncertainty

funny motivational speakerFunny Motivational Speaker, Simon T. Bailey presented a webinar, Taking Control of your Life in Chaotic Times. Bailey suggests we start by asking these 4 questions:

1)Who controls your mind? Many people follow others ideas, instead of driving their own future.

2)Are you following the headlines of the day or are you creating the headlines ( answer the four questions: where have I been? why am I here? what am I doing and where am I going?)?

3)What are you most grateful for right now? Increased gratitude decreases stress and burnout.

4)Who can you help Today?

Simon's mentor once told him, You weren't born to fit in, you were born to be brillant. Eventually, he started his career as a motivational speaker out of this advice.

The motivational speaker suggests, you must ask yourself a different set of questions that allows you to see things differently.

These question suggest that no matter what you hear around you; its how I chose to hear, think, feel and say that matters.

Simon delved into what he suggests is a creative opportunity for success. In ten years, automation will take over a lot of knowledge based jobs. Instead of creating uncertainty, this means we have the opportunity to become a creator.

According to the SHRM ( Society of Human Resources Managers), within the next few years, the economy will become a project based one. This means we work on a project, it is completed, and we will move on to the next project.

What is it I can learn, unlearn and relearn to be creative?



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