Relax, Nobody Cares What You Do

Spotlight on Female Motivational Speakers in CanadaDo you ever get the feeling that the outside world is watching and assessing everything you do?  Do you sense that every move you make is being tracked and critiqued? Thus, you should be very careful how you conduct yourself. 
The reality is people don't care that much what you do at all. 
This is called the Spotlight Effect, and it refers to a feeling that when we're doing something, other people are paying attention. In other words, we're in the spotlight.
It turns out that other people don't care what we are doing. They are paying microscopic amounts of attention.
We greatly overestimate our importance to others because we are the center of our world. Psychologists suggest this happens because as the center of our decisions, we mostly see the world from our experiences, not others.
Other people don't have the background, knowledge or context of our perspective, thus are focused on other things. 
Simply knowing this does have freeing consequences. You can relax! Nobody cares that you wore mismatched socks, forgot to greet the receptionist or lost your cool on the subway. 
Nobody is keeping score, and you don't lose points for being human- or being yourself. 
Take yourself lightly- everyone else is!
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