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Funny Motivational Speaker in Canada Covering Rejection

Most people avoid rejection at all costs. The trouble is, avoiding rejection tends to make your fear of it grow.

Ted Talk guest speaker, Jia Jiang wrote the book, Rejection-Proof- 100 Days of Rejection. Jiang says rejection was his curse or boogeyman that he ran away from his whole life. Until one day he set out on the path to welcome it.

Jiang did everything he could for 100 days to invite rejection into his life. Calling it, Rejection Therapy, he learned to see rejection as an opportunity to face fear straight on.

It makes sense, the only way to overcome your fear is to embrace it, instead of running away. You miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take, so the fear of rejection may cause you to miss out on a lot.

Afraid to say no to others? If you say no and can show you still care about the request and the person, it eases the other's rejection. Also, consider offering alternatives that might be helpful.

Rejection can actually strengthen a relationship by deepening a bond. Once you survive rejection in a relationship you raise the bar on honest and authentic communication.

Consider that rejection is usually nowhere near as bad as you think and the opportunity on the other side is great.

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