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Member of Balanced Team with Generational LeadershipSome people are book smart. They have a lot of knowledge stored in their brain. If they don't have certain information, they know how to find it. Mostly, they are wired this way. Their brain thrives on knowledge, and they may feel uncomfortable without it. Others are quite the opposite and are more action-oriented. This can impact a number of factors on your team, including conflict management.

Thinkers tend to attack a problem with research and then cautiously take action on it. 

What's challenging about this personality type is they need to be armed with a lot of information before they can take action. They also have to contemplate the information a lot. Thus, they tend to be cautious, slower to act and they may even be a perfectionist. They have to research the heck out of anything before they can move forward.

Doers are more action oriented and ready to jump into things and learn as they go. 

leadership needs to Balance Between Thinkers and Doers

To determine if you are interviewing a thinker or a doer, ask them what they have done in the past. If they have mostly standard book smart, school oriented achievements, they are thinkers. If they have a lot more active accomplishments, projects, and sports, then they are doers. Also, find out how long it takes them to see a project or activity through.  

Leadership motivational speaker, Jim Collins says it's much easier to educate a doer than to activate a thinker.

The people you choose are more important than the roles they do. Thus, look at the people you have and decide what roles they are best suited to. 

 This blog was updated on December 26th, 2018.

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