Qualities of a Difficult Culture

A great culture has an attitude of yes. Whatever the dilemma that comes along, the answer is yes, we can help. 

funny motivational speakerDifficult Cultures only see problems, not solutions. Anytime a problem comes along; they look for a reason why something can't be done. Instead of taking responsibility, they place blame.  As a customer, every challenge you bring to the company feels like a burden- you know it will be a problem.

Funny motivational speaker, Craig Groeschel suggests in his leadership podcast; you can make an excuse, or you can make a difference, but you can't do both. 

Groeschel suggests the qualities of a Difficult Culture are:

  • Unclear vision
  • Weak communication
  • Avoidance of tough issues
  • Little feedback
  • Limited contribution solutions are abrasive 
  • Problems are ignored
  • No clear direction, goals and follow up

All of these elements influence blaming others and skirting responsibility. Thus, the problem often goes unsolved and a fallback position that says no. Clearly, this upsets customers and team members as evolution becomes impossible. 

Craig Groeschel is a Pastor at Life Church whose mission is to lead people to become fully devoted to christ.


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