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Pre-Suasion & How to Influence Others

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Fri, Oct 20, 2017 @ 11:33 AM

leadership motivational speakerLeadership and Persuasion Motivational Speaker, Dr. Robert Cialdini's new book, Pre- Suasion suggests subtle things we can do to help influence a conversation.

 For example, to optimise your influence, visual or verbal cues peppered into the opening of a conversation can sway the results your way.

For instance, researchers asked people to volunteer and help with research, 29 percent said yes. 

With another group, they prefaced the question by first asking, Excuse me, do you consider yourself a helpful person? This time, 77.3 percent volunteered. 

Apparently, Once people agreed they were helpful, they were much more likely to help out.


When we pay attention to something, we give it credit for being significant. People will assume something is essential if you just get them to pay attention to it. Whatever you focused on first in a conversation will direct others to think that is most important.

Another great example from the book illustrated how a Furniture store experimented with different backgrounds on the internet

A background featuring pennies made customers more cost-conscious, while fluffy clouds made them seek comfort.

The lesson is if you want someone to pay attention, influence them with verbal or visual cues.

For instance, for leadership, in a motivational speech, to build unity within a group, start by suggesting the team is united, then show them how to work together.

If you want someone to cooperate, thank them for their cooperation in advance.

The Leadership and Persuasion motivational speaker suggests you continue to raise consciousness toward your goal with these subtle cues. 

In sales, to close contracts you could say, we appreciate your cooperation in expediting this contract. Our calendar is hectic and want to be able to serve you.

To change minds savvy pre-suaders alter states of mind.

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