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Outstanding Events Have Pivotal Moments

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Mon, Feb 26, 2018 @ 11:56 AM

funny motivational speakersCreating powerful, memorable events are what meeting planners do best.

In his book, the Power of Moments, Motivational Speaker, Dan Heath talks about strategically creating peak moments that engage and challenge assumptions.

These moments are memorable because they are different from people’s expectations.

These peak moments show up in people’s memories as highlights of their experiences. The more impactful these highlights, the more likely delegates will return next year.

Dan reminds us that when we remember an event, we replay the highlights, much like the preview of a movie, not the whole film, scene by scene.

It’s the same way we recall an event. We don’t remember the whole agenda, Guest Speaker after Guest Speaker from start to end, but we recall clips or peak moments.

Thus, design your event to maximize the peak moments. We often forget to do this. A peak-moment can-be the closing session and motivational keynote speaker. However, it is held at the end of the event when people have to leave to catch flights

Also, doing anything unexpected maximizes peak moments as it makes them more memorable. Here are some examples:

  • I’ve seen meeting planners hand out popcorn before the motivational speaker.
  • Or hire trained massage therapists to walk about and do quick shoulder rubs before a guest speaker.
  • Confetti( hotels love that) streamers, music, candy- all add a fun twist
  • People love it when you walk around and give out free swag.
  • Audiences also love to interact and certain delegates like to have the attention turn to them. Give them the limelight, interact with them, ask them what they learned and reward them for engaging.

How do you create pivotal moments?

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