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On November 4, 2015, I am the opening humorous motivational speaker for the Wisconsin Parks and Recreation Conference at the Kalahari Resort in Wisconsin Dells, Wi.

Over 400 parks and recreation professionals will attend the event. They range from front- line professionals like secretaries, recreation coordinators and program planniers. Mid- level managers supervise staff and programs and directors oversee all department operations.

Leaders in parks and recreation need to provide top notch programs with dwindling resources. Many advocates in this audience have to fight to keep their programs alive. To do so, they look in every direction for ways to partner with other entities to use under -utilized facilities and reach out to the community with programs to engage them.

Funding in parks and recreation has been cut back, as it is no longer considered an essential service.

As such, many parks and recreation professionals are true advocates for the value our parks, facilities and programs has for the community. When cutbacks take place, they make no impact on classes, instead facilities like pools age and don't get fixed.

Managers also wear many hats from hiring, firing, training, interviewing, scheduling and motivating staff, who are often seasonal or part time. Some areas see tremendous turnover and struggle to keep positions filled.

I am looking forward to being a humorous motivational speaker for the Wisconsin Parks and Recreation Conference. I will be presenting the motivational speech, This Would be Funny if it Wasn't Happening to Me! Together we will renew our passion for power that play, fun and laughter to boost community health and wellness.

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