Motivational Speaker for the Tunical Dental Extravaganza

funny motivational dental speakersOn May 5, 2017, I am a funny motivational speaker for the Tunica Dental Extravaganza.
The event, held at Sam's Town Casino and Resort in Tunica, MS, will attract over 250 dentists, dental hygienists, office managers and allied dental professionals.
Dr. John Sauer produces this event, a dentist in Tunica, MS. Participants receive up to 15 Continuing Education Hours and is an American Dental Association Continuing Education Recognition Program. 
The other guest speakers for the Dental Extravaganza are Dr. David Bonner speaking about Indirect Restorative Dentistry, Ergonomics and Body Health by Dr. Everette Rogers, Symplified Endodontic Techniques by guest speaker Dr. Garry Bey. 
May 6, 2017, will feature the motivational dental speech, Even during today's Economic changes, You can Grow your Dental Business by Guest speaker Penny Reed.
Most dental offices routinely see patients for their oral health needs. They are involved in routine teeth cleaning and educating patients in oral care and home care habits. The stresses of a dental office include scheduling to meet patient demand, trying to keep a schedule on time and not run behind. A dental team works hard to keep patients happy and keep a regular flow. 
Dental Hygienists can see up to 10 patients a day.
Many patients don't look forward to seeing the dentist because it's costly and sometimes painful. Thus, the dental team must work to keep morale and patient satisfaction high.
I look forward to serving as a funny motivational speaker for the Dental Extravaganza. I will speak for a full day on leadership, stress management and dealing with difficult people.
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