Speaker for the Saskatchewan Municipal Hail Insurance Association

Funny Motivational SpeakersOn May 17, 2017, I am a motivational speaker for the Saskatchewan Municipal Hail Insurance Association. The event, taking place at the Saskatoon Inn, will attract over 300 Rural administrators from across Saskatchewan.

The Municipal Hail Insurance is a municipal organization owned, operated and controlled by Saskatchewan farmers since 1917. 

Governed by the municipal hail insurance act, different coverage is available to protect farms from hail losses.

The audience is comprised of rural administrators, whose clientele are rate payers. Rate payers are mostly farmers who pay taxes and obtain hail insurance for their crops.

Rural administrators report to a council that is elected by ratepayers. Thus, the main job of an administrator is to collect taxes, deal with ratepayer concerns and report to council.

Some of the challenges working with farmers are organizing council meetings around weather, seeding and farm schedules. There is never a dull moment for a Rural Administrator, as they deal with whatever comes up. From road signs, to permits, emergency response initiatives and more.

Ultimately, this dedicated group is protecting the quality of life for rural Saskatchewan communities. Agriculture is a big part of our lives and protecting these communities is critical.

I look forward to being a closing funny motivational speaker for the Municipal Hail Insurance Conference. I will present the program; This Would be Funny if it Wasnt Happening to Me! Navigate the Future with Enthusiasm and Vigor.

Looking to Hire a Motivational Speaker? This booking was made through the National Speakers Bureau.


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