Motivational Speaker for the Municipal Clerks Association of NJ Conference

funny motivational speakersOn May 2, 2018, I am a motivational speaker for the Municipal Clerks Association of NJ Conference.

The event, taking place at the Caesars Hotel in Atlantic City New Jersey will attract over 300 municipal clerks from across New Jersey.

The most significant municipal clerks' conference in the state,  the conference features cutting-edge topics include handling difficult conversations, how to handle an active shooter, cyber attack response, marriage fraud, clerk responsibilities, parliamentary procedures, records and more.

Check out the whole conference inspiring guest speaker agenda.

Municipal clerks hold one of the oldest and most respected positions in government. A court clerk is an officer of the court whose responsibilities include maintaining records of the court.

Daily, clerks juggle deadlines and multi-task to keep everyone happy. Thanks to technology, today people have high expectations and demand instant gratification. The challenge is things tend to move slowly in government. Often there can be a grey area, and you have to determine which policy to follow. Under specific guidelines, a municipal clerk can release information, and under other guidelines, they can't. Thus it's tricky to keep everyone satisfied. 

Any piece of information you need about your city or town; from legislation, city council, meeting minutes, events, council meetings, liquor licences, resolutions or more- would come from the municipal clerk's office.

A municipal clerks job can become overwhelming as a lot has to get done and they are often understaffed. It is often a matter of juggling things by their most significant responsibility

I am excited to be the opening funny motivational speaker. I will also do an interactive break out session called; I Love my Job, it's the People I Can't Stand!



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