Speaker for the Knowledge Bureau Distinguished Advisor Conference

On November 11, 2015, I will be speaking for the Knowledge Bureau Distinguished Advisor conference in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Approximately 200 top wealth income advisors from across canada will attend the inspirational event.

The theme, Multi Generation Planning: Growing New Wealth and Relationships in a Digital World, will explore the uncertain future of wealth planning for high income clients. Today, wealth advisors need to learn how to accomodate and adapt their practices to suite client lifestyles and priorities. Technology has changed the way we interact, do business and transact on a daily basis and many people find it hard to keep up.

The compelling line up of guest speakers include David Christianson as the MC, Evelyn Jacks, the president of the Knowledge Bureau, speaking on Multi-Generational Planning. Jeffrey Simpson will speak on canada's new government and public policy. Philip Petursson will speak on strategies on managing high risk portfolios. Many other great guest speaker including Craig Dowden and Joe Roberts, Check out the Full Line Up Here.

I look forward to being the closing humorous motivational speaker for the DAC Conference. I will present the speech, Follow Me I'm Right Behind You.. How to Influence Others in a Distracted World.

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