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On June 15, 2015 I am a motivational speaker for the Institute of Municipal Assessors in Ottawa, Ontario. Over 350 property assessment and taxation professionals from across canada will attend. The majority of the audience work to assess thousands of residential properties, others assess larger commercial property.

The theme of the event Trust - Transparency - Accountability... The Values of Tomorrow reflects the new standards in property assessment that drive all parties to provide information upfront and understand where value needs to be reassessed.

This proactive approach will be more transparent, fair and will drive people to better understand the property assessment. The is the direction the ontario government and the Assessment Review Board has been driving towards, to be more transparent and open with information and to provide it upfront instead of holding onto it as leverage.

Typically the assessment process has been more reactive based on appeals, new information and complaints. Some property owners will try to hide information relevant to the value of their property ( ie- upgrades, etc) and some assessment professionals keep information in their back pocket for the purpose of surprizing parties later on.

The new proactive approach put the onus on the property assessor and the public to provide any information or proof upfront to iron out the wrinkles early on.

 I am looking forward to being the opening session motivational speaker for the Institute of Municipal Assessors. I will present a new speech called, Trust, Transparency, Accountability.

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