Motivational Speaker for the Institute of Laboratory Animal Managers

funny motivational speakersOn April 30, 2017, I am a motivational speaker for the Institute of Lab Managers Conference. 
This 4-day event takes place at the Holiday Inn Fogelman Center in Memphis, Tennessee. The program is produced for future managers of animal laboratories, and it takes place over a two year period.
ILAM is created by the American Association for Laboratory Science. It is an educational program developed to teach management and leadership skills to the laboratory animal science industry.
Daily, Laboratory facilities look after the needs of their animals. This involves routine activities like cleaning cages and feeding animals. Overall, the livelihood and care of the animals are their primary concern. Thus, the job is labor intensive, and scheduling is always a challenge.
The audience also deals with staffing turnover, morale and generations workplace challenges.
The entire program includes some very engaging guest speakers and interactive leadership games.
I'm looking forward to being one of the funny motivational speakers for ILAM. This is my fifth time speaking for the group. They always prove to be a young, keen and interactive crowd. I will be presenting the motivational speech; This Would be Funny if it Wasn't Happening to Me! How to Navigate the Future with Humor, Enthusisam, and Vigor. The Speech follows this; I Love My Job, It's the People I Can't Stand!
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