Motivational Speaker for the Human Resources Association of New Brunswick

Funny motivational speaker in HROn May 11, 2016, I am the opening funny motivational speaker for the Human Resources Association of New Brunswick. The event will draw in over 175 HR generalists, specialists, consultants and directors from across New Brunswick will attend. 

The audience is very diverse, working in industries like government, healthcare, oil and gas, trucking and more. Like many HR leaders, this audience struggles with helping  employees who are overwhelmed by having to do more work with fewer resources. Usually, when an employee has a challenge, the first person they call is HR. These leaders are continually coming up with solutions related to benefits packages, employee wellness, training and development, recruitment and more. 

Over the next three or more years, new legislation is being developed to promote mentally fit workplaces. The initiative, put forward by Worksafe New Brunswick, will establish policies and procedures to promote mental health at work. The move is promising, however, like all change is still uncertain and will involve effort to build it into the workplace. 

HR professionals will not diagnose or treat employees but will offer support and resources.

The other motivational speakers for the HR conference are Warren MacDonald and Steve Donahue. 

I look forward to being the conferences opening funny motivational speaker, my goal is to get people laughing, engages and connecting with each other. I will present, Follow Me I'm Right Behind You... How to Influence others is a Distracted World.

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