Motivational speaker for the Family & Community Support Services of Alberta

motivational speaker for alberta support servicesOn November 27, 2015, I am a closing humorous motivational speaker for the Family and Community Support Services Association of Alberta( FCSSAA).

The conference, held at the Fantasyland Hotel in Edmonton, Alberta will attract over 400 FCSSAA program administrators and stakeholders. The theme of the event, Power of Prevention, speaks to strengthening and supporting preventative social services for Albertans at a local level. Over 99% of Albertans reside on communities served by FCSS programs.

The FCSSAA is a legal partnership between the province of Alberta and its municipalities whereby locally developed preventative initiatives can be funded and developed to enhance the well being of individuals and communities. The partnership is developed so that local communities can influence social challenges that affect them in an innovative and responsive way.

Programs developed and supported are for seniors, youth, young mothers and more. They entail  support groups, disease, drug and alchol abuse, crime, loneliness and isolation.

As the FCSS story suggests, a powerful thing happens when you tell people that they matter, they believe you.

I look forward to being a closing motivational speaker for the FCSSAA Conference. I will present the motivational speech, This Would be Funny if it Wasn't Happening to Me!


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