Motivational Speaker for the City of Calgary Recreation Conference

motivational speaker recreationOn June 10, 2015,  I am a motivational speaker for the City of Calgary Recreation Conference. This event will include over 100 leaders from within city of calgary department of recreation.

These enthusiastic recreation leaders and their staff get paid to play; thus they strongly believe in the power that recreation has as the glue to keep our community strong. Every one of these dedicated leaders believes they are making a difference to calgarians through their work.

People don't live in a community ( or commute to one) because of the infrastructure. They live there because of the facilities, the people and programs available to them. It is recreation facilities and programs that brings people together, pulling them out of their homes and encouraging them to participate in this great community.

The city of calgary department of recreation is celebrating 103 years. This is a true milestone to appreciate the number of calgary residents who have grown and appreciated the programs that have ultimately made them better people.

The overall theme of the city of calgary department of recreation is More Calgarians, More Active and Creative, More Often. This theme reflects every recreation staff members passion to engage calgarians in through community recreation.

I look forward to being a motivational speaker for the city of calgary recreation leadership summit, I will present the motivational speech, Follow Me, I'm Right Behind You... How to Lead and Influence Others.

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