Speaker for the City of Calgary IT Innovation & Collaboration

funny motivational speakerOn November 23, 2017, I was a motivational speaker for the City of Calgary IT Innovation and Collaboration Divisional Meeting. 

This group of innovative technology professionals is responsible for creating technology solutions for the 32 different departments in the City of Calgary.

Members of the audience work in areas like research, operations, wireless and cell communications, GPS tracking group, a network architecture group, telecommunication, and the Fiber optic network.

This group of agile technology professionals can deal with a lot of opportunities and a lot of conflicts. Every department within the City of Calgary ( i.e- Police, Public Works, 911, 311, etc) has unique technology needs to help them solve problems in their work.

Ultimately every department is interested in solutions that help make our city a safe, healthy, and prosperous place to live. The City of Calgary has been my permanent residence for most of my life and it truly is a great city that I'm proud to live in.

This was a very fun crowd. Clearly hardworking and ambitious, they loved the opportunity to get together with their team, laugh and learn.

A quick-witted group, I found most of the speakers at the event had some clever one-liners as they playfully poked fun at themselves. I find this kind of levity is a sure sign of a healthy workplace. 

I really enjoyed being a Motivational speaker for the city of Calgary IT and Innovation Division Meeting.  I presented the topic This Would be Funny if it Wasn't Happening to Me, How to Navigate the Future with Humor, Enthusiasm, and Vigor.

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