Motivational Speaker for the Canadian Insurance Claims Manager Association

motivational speaker insuranceOn December 3, 2014,  I was a Motivational Speaker for the Canadian Insurance Claims Manager Association Toronto, Ontario chapter. This special event brought together over 50 managers of claims adjustors in ontario.

Leading teams of anywhere from 4 to 100 claims adjusters, these leaders are constantly looking for ideas and inspiration to lead and influence  a congruent, motivated team.

Insurance is a forced buy, most people don't want insurance, they are required to buy it. Most people making a claim have suffered an incident ( Ie- property damage), accident or death. They are in a fragile state and expect the insurance to be available immediately.

Claims adjustors are professionals who mediate and adjudicate the claim to make sure the correct insurance is paid out in varying circumstances.

Insurance adjusters must be empathetic in a very fast paced, cut throat environment. The stark reality is more and more claims build up with the same number of adjusters to take on the extra workload.

Weather is also a factor. In winter months more incidents occurs and claims increase.

In today's instant gratification society, people's expectations are high. Many expect the claims process to happen quickly and seamlessly. Yet, the claims process is fraught with details that can be complicated and cumbersome to mitigate.


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