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Motivational Speaker for the Canadian Employee Relocation Council

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Wed, Sep 06, 2017 @ 11:38 AM

funny motivational speakersOn September 12, 2017, I am a motivational speaker for the Canadian Employee Relocation Council (CERC) in Calgary, Alberta.
The event, held at the Hyatt Downtown Calgary will bring in over 250 relocation professionals from across Canada.
The Canadian Employee Relocation Council (CERC) is a membership organization whose goal is to provide leadership, services, and assistance to members enabling them to effectively serve relocated families by addressing issues that impact workforce mobility both domestically and internationally.
Labour shortages and talent concerns often mean employees need to be transferred to other parts of the country. Making this seamless for an employee and their family will drastically improve the chances of a successful relocation.
Relocation professionals help families with the transition to new schools, living arrangements, passport, pets and moving logistics throughout the relocation. 
Moving has become more challenging than before as many families have two gainfully employed partners and children. 
The theme of the conference, the Power of Partnerships, highlights the importance of creating and nurturing great partnerships with suppliers across Canada to make sure that an employee relocation goes smoothly.
The preeminent event of the year represents an opportunity for corporations and service providers to meet face to face to renew and solidify relationships.
I look forward to serving as the closing funny motivational speaker, with the program, This Would be Funny if it Wasn't Happening to Me! How to Navigate the Future with Humor, Enthusiasm, and Vigor.
We want to leave this extroverted audience on a high note with endorphins flowing and inspired!
Need to convince your boss to send you to a conference? Find out how:
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