Motivational speaker for the bc society of Laboratory Science

humorous motivational speakerOn September 27, 2015, I am the closing humorous motivational speaker for the British Columbia Society of Laboratory Science.

The conference, held at the in the Coast Capris hotel in Kelowna, BC will draw in over 200 laboratory technologists.

These hard working professionals play a critical role in patient diagnosis. Over 70 percent of a physicians medical diagnosis relies on the results from the tests these professionals perform.

Laboratory technologiest test blood, urine, feces and organ samples to determine the inner workings of the body. For instance, If a patients blood sugar levels are high, these test will show that.  Laboratory assistants process samples ( ie- flobotomists draw blood) while laboratory technologists test the samples and report them.

Many laboratory technologists are seeing the number of samples they have to process go up and they are always under the gun to get results to physicians. Work hours can also be challenging as many are called on to work evenings and weekends.

Technology in laboratories is also continually being upgraded. Thus, new changes can slow down current work flows.

Like any healthcare profession, change is a constant. Currently British Columbia is moving towards a new self regulating college for over 8500 diagnostic and therapeutic health professionals.
This is the second time that I have been a motivational speaker for the BC Society of Laboratory Science. I have also presented for the national conference, Ontario and Manitoba chapters over the years.

I will present the closing motivational speech, This Would be Funny if it Wasn't Happening to Me!

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