Motivational Speaker for the Association of Neonatal Therapists

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On April 13, 2018, I am a motivational speaker for the National Association of Neonatal Therapists. The event, held at the Le Meridien Hotel in Charlotte, North Carolina will attract over 500 Neonatal Therapists from across North America.

Neonatal therapists work in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) and use resources and their extensive knowledge to save the lives of premature newborns. This work is incredibly meaningful, helping families with newborns during the most memorable and impactful moments of their lives.

Working with a multi-disciplinary team, neonatal therapists work alongside nurses, physicians, and other healthcare professionals to ensure the best care possible for newborn babies. Therapists have expert knowledge of how to interact with fragile, non-verbal babies.

They work with parents and team members to empower them to care for premature babies appropriately. The neonatal therapist has occupational, speech or physical therapy background.

It can be hard working in intensive care, always bringing compassion to stressful situations. In the heat of passionate concern, sometimes silos can form between professionals that makes working as a team more difficult. Therapists remind the team we all in this with the same goal in mind, the best care for babies.

Every day is a battle with time, and available resources are stretched.

It is possible to provide intensive care without intensively caring, however much of the art of your work is lost. Speaking with these passionate professionals, I can tell they are genuinely committed to enhancing the quality of life of newborns and their families.

I am excited to be the opening funny motivational speaker for the NANT Conference. We will discuss how to manage stress and stay resilient in challenging times.





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