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Motivational Speaker for the Alberta Veterinary Medical Association

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Tue, Feb 14, 2017 @ 12:05 PM

funny motivational speakerOn February 24, 2017, I am a motivational speaker for the Alberta Veterinary Medical Association AGM. The event, held at the Delta South Calgary Hotel will attract over 100 veterinarians and technologists. 
This is a special leadership weekend held just for the AVMA legislated standing committee members. A volunteer role, legislated committees are set up to maintain the standards of veterinary practices in Alberta.
Some of these committees are complaint review, practice inspection, practice standards, practice review board, and registration. What is unique about Alberta is people fight to be a part of these volunteer committees. 
The councils show leadership in animal welfare and public perception. This passionate group involves companion animal. Equine, large animal, food animal, wildlife and ecosystem health. 
Depending on what kind of Veterinary medicine they practice, a veterinarian's day is varied. Some work with companion animals ( i.e.,- cats and dogs) in a retail veterinary practice, while other serve large animals on farms.
Many veterinarians choose the work because of their love of animals. The public often perceives veterinary costs as high or rising, and there are no subsidies for companion animal costs.  Thus, veterinarians have to be true advocates for their work and their value in the public eye.
Running a vet practice is like any small business, you are responsible for an overwhelming number of entities like accounting, payroll, marketing, insurance, managing people and more. 
A new initiative that we will be celebrating is a proclamation that vet technologists will now have an equal vote at the AGM. 
I look forward to being an after dinner funny motivational speaker at the evening reception.

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