Motivational speaker for the Alberta Head Start Conference

On March 8, 9 & 10, 2016, I am a humorous motivational speaker for the Alberta Head Start Conference held at the Marriott River Cree Resort in Edmonton, Alberta.

It’s a training event for all Front line Staff, Coordinators, Teachers, Educational Assistants, Bus Drivers, Parents, and Cooks.  Head Start programs are both on and off reserve as well as programs operating on Settlements and very rural or remote communities.  Delegates also attend this training from Nunavut, NWT, Yellowknife, Saskatchewan and British Columbia.  

In 1995, the Government of Canada established Aboriginal Head Start Urban & Northern to help enhance child development and school readiness for First Nation, Métis and Inuit children living in urban centers and large northern communities. Health Canada currently funds 131 early childhood development programs for First Nations, Inuit and Métis children and their families across Canada.

The primary goal of the initiative is to demonstrate that locally controlled and designed early intervention strategies provide Aboriginal children with a positive self-identity, a desire for learning, and opportunities to develop fully as successful young people. The program is aimed at serving preschool children ages three and four, essentially to give them a " head start".

 I am looking forward to being a motivational speaker for the Alberta Head Start Conference, I will present the motivational speeches, I Love My Job, it's the People I 
Can't Stand and the Joy of the Job, Keys to More Meaning in your Work.

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