Motivational Speaker for the Alberta Council of Disability Services 

funny motivational speakersOn April 26, 2017, I am a funny motivational speaker for the Alberta Council of Disability Services ( ACDS).
The event, held at the Calgary Coast Plaza Hotel, will bring together over 250 community-based service provider members who support people with developmental disabilities or brain injury.
This passionate crowd of advocates works tirelessly to help individuals with disabilities find inclusive employment and be included fairly in their community. Many community disability service workers experience compassion fatigue as they advocate tirelessly and often experience roadblocks. 
The theme of the conference is: The Door is Open: Awakening Our Collective Power. The purpose of the conference is to build better relationships as a partner with their agencies and the government. 
The opening motivational speaker, Dr. Nick Nissley's speech is about how your story affects your vision as a leader.  Guest speaker Mark Holmgren will give his provocative presentation to challenge the status quo and address social issues.
Other sessions include reaching your full potential, equity and privilege, social innovation labs and more. 
I will be the closing funny motivational speakers with the speech, The Nerve to Serve, Say Hello to Humor and Goodbye to Burnout! We will take the opportunity to be reinvigorated by the power of the work and learn to decrease stress.
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