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Motivational speaker for the Alaska School Business officials

alaska school motivational speakerOn December 8, 2015, I am a motivational speaker for the Alaska School Business Officials  43rd Annual conference. The event, held at the Captain Cook Hotel in Anchorage, Alaska will attract over 150 School business officials.

The theme of the conference, Achieving Success Together, speaks to how these school business professionals must chart rough waters- with limited and dwindling resources. The state of Alaska has seen cutbacks and a 3 billion dollar deficit, due to low oil prices.

Officials from the Department of Education will also be at the event surveying members to get to feedback as to how the department is functioning and meeting the school districts needs.

School business professionals have the extremely important role of making sure schools can run effectively and educate our future generation. The mission of the group is to promote the highest standards in school business practices.

Regular activities include: doing teacher negotiations, payroll, RFP's, attending business meetings, dealing with insurance issues and more.

One of the primary activities of the group is to educate stakeholders on the effective use of resources for the benefit of Alaska's children. Every year the Alaska legislature commissions studies that can alter either school funding or operations. State fiscal cuts happen annually and these education advocates hope education won't get too many more cuts as they are already pulled pretty thin.

I am excited about being a motivational speaker for the Alaska School Business Officials. I will present the opening motivational speech, This Would be Funny if it Wasn't Happening to Me.

I will present two other workshops, I love my Job, it's the People I Can't Stand and Follow Me I'm Right Behind You!

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