Motivational Speaker for the Activity Professionals of Ontario

motivational speaker for seniorsOn October 23, 2015, I will be the closing motivational speaker for the Activity Professionals of Ontario conference at the Ambassador hotel in Kingston, Ontario.

The event will draw in over 400 activity professionals from across ontario. Activity professionals usually work in long term care facilies and help coordinate and facilitate activities to keep seniors involved and engaged. The programs activity professionals provide improve cognitive function, fitness and social interaction amoung seniors. They are a crutial part of a seniors quality of life.

For elderly seniors, quality of life becomes priority.  At the same time many seniors withdraw and may struggle to stay socially involved.

Activity professionals work within a multi-disciplinary team to promote activity and wellness. They develop and facilitate different types of recreation programs to suite residents needs. They may also supervise and support care planning with family care givers in health facilities.

The theme of the event, Everything Old is New Again, speaks to the need to embrace our elders and appreciate our lives.

This is the second time I have been a motivational speaker for the Activity Professionals of Ontario. I presented at this conference in 2012, See the blog post here.

I will give the closing motivational speech called, This Would be Funny if it Wasn't Happening to Me, How to Embrace Change with Humor, Enthusiasm and Vigor to help them celebrate their theme.

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