Motivational Speaker for the ACHCA NY Conference

funny motivational speakersOn March 12, 2018, I am a motivational speaker for the American College of Healthcare Administrators( ACHCA), New York Chapter.

The event, held at the Villa Roma Resort and Conference Center will draw in several hundred Directors of Nursing, Dieticians and Clinical staff from Long-Term Care Facilities throughout New York.

The conference agenda features long-term care clinical topics like sex, drugs and rolling walkers- a speech by guest speaker Barbara Speedling, CMS changes for 2018, CMS pharmacy updates, and improving financial,  clinical outcomes with integrated behavioral health, Medicare reimbursement updates, person-centered care and more.

Long-Term Care is a challenging environment as the staff continually try to help residents have a good quality of life despite cutbacks and limited resources. Most nurses, dieticians and clinical staff in long-term care facilities feel overworked and often overwhelmed by the pressure of caring for seniors despite limited resources. The work is significant as staff spends a considerable amount of time with seniors and their families during some of the most memorable and impactful moments of their life.

I look forward to being the opening funny motivational speakers for the ACHCA NY conference. I will present the speech, Daring to Be Caring, Leading a Spirited Healthcare Team.

Using comedy, interaction and concepts of change and engagement, we will appreciate what it takes to provide care in challenging environments.

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