Motivational Speaker for Siksika Nation Back to School Event

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On August 29, 2018, I was a funny motivational speaker for the Siksika Nation School Board Back to School event. The event was held at the beautiful Siksika Nation High School.

Over 130 teachers, teacher assistants, bus drivers, janitors and facility maintenance professionals attended the event.

I had the true pleasure of meeting Lenora Rabbit Carrier, the Superintendent of the Siksika Board of Education. Also in attendance were several board members and education trustees.
This wonderful group of educators and education staff truly lives the Blackfoot culture values of Trustworthiness, Integrity, Ethics, and Commitment.

Blackfoot culture, language, traditional and current worldview remain at the forefront of educational curricula, pedagogy, and governance of the Siksika Board of Education.

This vibrant, grounded audience loved to interact, they were very engaged with concepts of student enrichment, quality of life and improved education. We entered into some engaging discussion through the speech. Like most first nations audiences they were very warm and they relished the opportunity to laugh.

Clearly a well connected and passionate group, they enjoy their work and are eager to enhance student outcomes. 

Siksika is comprised of four schools, the Outreach School, Chief Old Sun School, Siksika Nation High School and the Chief Crowfoot School.

The school board generously purchased books for all of the attendees, so I had the opportunity to meet everyone personally and sign their books. I really loved the warm culture of the Siksika Nation. It's clear that tradition, culture and taking care of each other is very important.

I presented the motivational speech, Follow Me I'm Right Behind You to help kick off the new year in a positive, inspiring way.



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