Motivational Speaker for Sea to Sky Family Physicians

funny motivational speakerOn July 19, 2016, I was a funny motivational speaker for Sea to Sky Family Physicians at the Hilton in Whistler, BC. This event brought together family doctors from the Whistler and Squamish area.

Being a physician can bring with it long days and a constant busyness caring for the health needs of the community.

In Squamish, Family physicians split their time doing shifts at the Emergency Department, caring for patients in the clinic and doing paperwork.

One of the big challenges for this enthusiastic group of family physicians is the Electronic Medical Record. A movement to make all patient records electronic, the kinks haven't been ironed out yet, and physician feedback is critical to it's success. It will be a challenging task to integrate the technology, which will be tedious.

Caring for the health needs for a diverse communities like Squamish and Whistler, can be interesting. It's diverse population includes younger, more transient community members. Whistler also features a wealthier and aging population. 

Squamish and Whistler are such scenic areas- they see alot of biking incidents at the Emergency Department.

I thoroughly enjoyed being a funny after dinner motivational speaker for the family physicians. I presented the speech,  This Would be Funny if it Wasn't Happening to Me! The audience loved to laugh, I found them very interactive, pulling apart the comments and relating it to their work.


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