Motivational Speaker for School Bus Driver Inservice

funny motivational speakersThis summer,  I was a motivational speaker for the Ottawa Transportation Inservice Day. The event brought together over 400 school bus drivers from the Michigan Area.
Jointly organized by the Ottawa Area ISD and the West Michigan Risk Management Trust, this back to school event was designed to invigorate school bus drivers to be prepared and resilient in the new year.
The other guest speaker was Dr. Kyle Mayer,  the Ottawa Area School District Assistant Superintendent for Instructional Services. Dr. Mayer challenged the audience to engage in the Reading Now Network ( RNN) Initiative.
RNN is a collaborative effort of school superintendents, school boards, and school districts throughout Western Michigan to improve early literacy and student achievements. 
The program is designed to encourage reading on the bus. Through his presentation, Dr. Meyer expressed how Michigan has some of the lowest literacy levels. School buses are the perfect place to have children focus, learn and grow!
This exceptional program is starting to take hold across school districts in Michigan and has an uncompromising focus on reading. This sustained commitment to reading extends learning and comprehension for all students.
The back to school event was a wonderful celebration of school bus drivers for their dedication to ensuring safe transportation, but also the positive impact made every day on students.
The audience was a proud, engaged group who loved to laugh. 
I enjoyed being a funny motivational speakers for the school bus drivers. I presented the speech, The Nerve to Serve, Say Hello to Humor & Goodbye to Burnout!
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