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Motivational Speaker for Schedule 2 Employers' Group

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Mon, Oct 05, 2015 @ 11:41 AM

workplace wellness motivational speakerOn October 7, 2015, I am a motivational speaker for the Schedule 2 Employers Group Conference in Toronto, Ontario.

Over 400 schedule 1 & 2 Employees will attend this preeminent event on workplace wellness, Health & Safety and Disability Management. Members are workplace health, safety and disability management professionals who are interested in collaboration on issues related to workers’ compensation and occupational health and safety.

The conference theme, Mindful@Work, speaks to proactively addressing the whole persons'mind, body, psychological, spiritual needs.

An increasing number of workplace claims results from a narrow approach to workplace wellness that masks the stress, anxiety and depression that comes along with work pressures today.

WSIB( Workplace Safety and Insurance Act) is the act that workplace health, safety and disability management professions use to help process claims and navigate the complex health needs of their employees.

These professionals are charged with setting up workplace wellness measures and deal with health claims that come up. Thus, a proactive approach to health will not only benefit employees but decrease claims and boost overall wellness.

The job itself can at times be tedious, filing out claims and doing billing and invoicing. The overall claims process moves slowly and usually employees want or need their compensation right away.

I am excited to be the opening motivational speaker for the Schedule 2 Employers Group Mindful@ Work Wellness Conference. I will present the motivational speech, The Nerve to Serve... Say Hello to Humor & Goodbye to Burnout!

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