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On January 26, 2018, I am a motivational speaker for Royal Le Page Lethbridge, Alberta, Annual Meeting and Celebration.

This busy and thriving office of realtors has had a prosperous year. Lethbridge is a substantial and stable real estate market and is made up of many diverse and vibrant communities. 

The realtors in this audience support the healthy and robust development of community living in their neighborhoods.

The 2016 census for Lethbridge is 92, 729 people, making it Alberta's fourth largest city after Calgary, Edmonton and Red Deer. Lethbridge lies Southeast of Calgary. The only University South of Calgary is the University of Lethbridge.

Thus, this is a very stable real estate market with a lot of government and colleges. It is also quite diverse with industries like health, education, agriculture, retail, oil and gas and government. Because of this diversity, Lethbridge experiences a lot fewer ups and downs from changes in the price of oil than Calgary and Edmonton do.

Lethbridge offers a relaxed lifestyle and high quality of life. As a college town, real estate can be seasonally based on school semesters. Also, being an agricultural community, harvest plays a role in real estate demand cycles. 

Geographically the realtors in this office cover a vast area from Blairmore to Tabor and East to the Saskatchewan Border.

There is also a significant, thriving commercial aspect of the brokerage. There have been a lot of changes in regulation, technology, and social media that realtors have had to keep on top of.

I am excited to be a funny motivational speaker at the Royal Le Page Lethbridge Event. I will present the motivational Speech; This Would be Funny if it Wasn't Happening to Me!

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