Motivational Speaker for Providence Health Care Senior Leaders Retreat

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On October 25, 2016,  I am a motivational speaker for the Providence Health Care Senior Leaders Retreat. The event, held at the Vancouver Convention Center, will bring in over 160 senior leaders from Providence Health Care.

Providence Health Care, whose mission, vision and values are driven by compassion and social justice- these leaders are at the forefront of exceptional care and innovation. A catholic health care community, Providence's five founding congregations of sisters shared a vision to reach out to the community and provide care and shelter to the most vulnerable people in society. 

From my pre- speech interviews, I have discovered that the leaders at Providence really do embody this compassionate care and work ethic. They embrace a JUST ( fair and trusting ) Culture and a non-punitive care environment. The cutting- edge health care organization embraces the Eden Philosphy, which embraces helping elders continue to live meaningful lives. This person centered care focuses on listening and respecting seniors wishes, especially in advanced care and end of life planning. Safety is also on the radar for these leaders, it is seen not as a cost but as a part of the culture. 

The organization is very excited about the new St Paul's Hospital which is due to open in 2022. A lot of planning and organization is going into this new facility and preparing staff for the shift.

I am excited about being a motivational speaker for the Providence Health Care Senior Leaders Retreat. I will present the motivational speech, Daring to be Caring, Leading a Spirited Health Care Team. We will look at how to create and sustain a level 3, highly motivated team that focuses on safe patient centered care. 

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