Motivational Speaker for Prince Albert Health & Wellness Conference

motivational speaker healthcare On March 22, 2016, I am a motivational speaker for the Prince Albert Health and Wellness Career Fair and Conference.

The event, held at the Wellness and Career Expo, in Prince Albert, Sk, will bring in over 400 healthcare professionals from the area. 

The purpose of the conference is to appreciate and inspire healthcare professionals. A large goal for the event is remind healthcare professionals to take care of themselves, especially during stressful times. 

The audience will consist of managers, directors, supervisors, board members, nurses and allied health professionals.

The conference also features a career expo for students to explore job opportunities in the healthcare feild.

Many professionals in healthcare feel the pinch as resources are tight, they are compelled to do more work with fewer resources. As strong, steady patient advocates, a healthcare professionals focus is always on quality patient care, regardless of resources. 

I am looking forward to being the closing humorous motivational speaker for the Wellness and Career Expo. I will present the motivational speech, The Joy of the Job for Healthcare Professionals. We will celebrate the rewards of working in healthcare and be reinvigorated by the Joy of the Job. 

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