Motivational Speaker for Oregon Municipal Finance Officers


On March 11, 2015, I am a motivational speaker for the Oregon Municipal Finance Officers Conference at the Salishan Resort, Oregon.

Approximatley 300 finance directors from city, municipal, county government as well as special districts ( water, sewer, fire) will attend.

Oregon has had some recent political upheavel and the govenor is under investigation. A new governor, Kate Brown has been elected to bring new leadership and direction.

On a daily basis government finance directors build budgets, meet with auditors, prepare annual financial statments ( July 1 - to June 30) and present the budget to citizens and budget committees.

Finance directors report to an elected board which is like reporting to several bosses. Many board members have differing opinions and ideas and many have no previous government experience at all. The result of this is to also having to advocate for and protect their staff from elected officials who don't see eye to eye.

Oregon has no sales tax so it relies on property taxes to generate revenue.

Daily, the work of a municipal finance officer helps to build and maintain critical infrastructure like roads, electric, clean water, sewars, parks, fire and police, building and planning and more.

Urban Growth Boundary is another critical term for this group. Reining in Urban growth helps to protect farm land.

Municipal finance officers also help to negotiate union contracts which effect their public service employees.

I look forward to being the closing motivational speaker for the Muncipal Finance Officers Association. I will present the Motivational Speech, This Would Be Funny... If It Wasn’t Happening To Me! How to Embrace Change with Enthusiasm & Vigor

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